That job you've been looking for is finally here. The company or firm you applied to calls you for an interview. Phew of relief! But then a concern arises: what to wear to the interview? The style of dress plays a big role and counts for a lot during a job interview. So, how should you dress for a job interview?

Take into account the company's style of dress

Every company has its own style of dress. Some companies impose a style of dress on their employees. So, if you find yourself in front of such a company, you are obliged to conform to the requirements of that company. Moreover, you cannot go to a job interview without first finding out about the company. Not respecting the company's dress code can already penalise you in your job search process. Or that you are one step away from getting the job. So, if the company requires freestyle or casual or strict dress code, you are obliged to comply with it. If not, any outfit can be worn to a job interview.

Dress decently and responsibly

Just because no style of dress is required does not mean you will dress extravagantly. Keep in mind that what you wear matters. It can open doors for you and it can close doors for you. So dress as yourself. Don't consider the fact that it's a job interview to be a reason to wear something you don't feel comfortable in. Wear clothes that travel with your personality. Choose an outfit that is comfortable and practical. If you are not used to wearing heels, you can do without them. In short, it's up to you how you dress. As long as you are seen as a responsible person looking for a job.