About Us

What do you get when you cross a neuroscientist and an orchid grower with a perfumer? You get a line of fragrances as unusual and diverse as the trillions of circuits make up the brain or the thousands of orchid species that bloom throughout the world’s jungles. These are perfumes for thinking people who love an intellectual challenge, but they are also perfumes for passionate people who love to exist in the moment, allowing themselves to be swept away by whatever form of beauty captures their emotions. They are extraordinary perfumes for extraordinary people.

Olympic Orchids Perfumes was established in 2010 by Ellen Covey, a professor at the University of Washington and owner of Olympic Orchids orchid nursery in the Seattle metropolitan area. Her original Olympic Orchids signature line was a series of scents inspired by different species of orchids, but quickly expanded to include fragrances inspired by places she had lived or visited, as well as more abstract luxury perfumes that range in style from classical to highly experimental. In 2013 a selection of the original award-winning offerings was redesigned to form the permanent line, which is now offered here in the Olympic Orchids flagship online store in 30 ml parfum and 100 ml EdP format.

Olympic Orchids Perfumes are bold and modern in concept, while maintaining true vintage quality in formulation. All fragrances are produced by hand in small batches using top quality materials, including a high percentage of essential oils, absolutes, tinctures, and other natural materials. All products are formulated to be on the high end of their concentration range. Parfum is 25-30% fragrance materials, and eau de parfum is 15-20%.

If you’re not sure about what you would like, you are encouraged to try individual samples or boxed Discovery Sets.

The Olympic Orchids Perfume Boutique is the original online store and sister site linked to this one. It provides an ever-changing variety of smaller sizes, fragrances from the original line that are not offered here, special editions, experimental releases, and high-end single-batch formulations.