Seattle Artisan Fragrance Salon, 2013

Winner of gold medals in all categories, including best artisan perfumer and best overall line. 


Dear Scent Diary

Ballets Rouges: “In a word, stunning”.

Olympic Rainforest: “If you’re interested in a luxurious green scent, this might just be the ticket”. 

California Chocolate: “It’s incredible. A must try … you might as well blind buy this.” 


Perfume-Smellin’ Things (from back in 2011)

Elektra: “a gloriously uplifting fig fragrance that brings sunlight, a warm breeze and the impression of a summer meadow complete with butterflies to my mind in a second”

Golden Cattleya: “… doesn’t joke around, it comes at you full blast, making you feel like you are surrounded by tall, golden yellow orchids like Alice after ingesting Drink Me! The scent is sweet, rich, round, there is orange blossom and indolic jasmine with excellent sillage.”

Red Cattleya: “a sumptuous, gigantic fruity-floral … shows the world that fruity-floral does not necessarily mean insipid pink safety juice, but that there are formidable and uncompromising members of this category too.”


Handmade Men

“This shop has some of the most interesting and unique perfumes and colognes we’ve ever had the privilege of smelling.”

Dev One:” a light, spicy, sweet, and curious scent that is a serious ‘attention getter’”

Seattle Chocolate: “an intoxicating masculine blend that can be honestly summed up as irresistible!”



Dev One: “absolutely to die for … It’s desperately sexy.”

Dev 4: “minimal and beautiful – but still rich, bitter and twisted. So good.”

Lil: “another gorgeous piece of work … seductive and gorgeous. And yet again… my mind is blown.”


Cafleurebon (multiple posts)

California Chocolate and Seattle Chocolate: “Artistic breakthroughs can come from pushing one’s own envelope, and I think Ms. Covey has done an admirable job of creating fragrances based around a note she found difficult. They each have very distinct personalities, and are fun to wear.”

Tropic of Capricorn:a lush, all natural tropical scent  … It is also lovely, and worth a sniff.”

Café V:I inhaled. And then inhaled. And then inhaled. I could not help it … Some fragrances have a pyramid structure, some are linear, some have a structure of a kaleidoscope when each turn makes each colorful fragrant ingredient roll with a ring and fall in place to create a different picture. Café V does not seem to fit any of these descriptions since my experience of it is circular.  There it’s coffee, there it’s leather, there it’s the depth of cocoa – a piece of extra dark bitter chocolate on someone’s plate, someone else comes in and brings the whiff of their skin, and, like in the song, it always goes back to coffee.”

Sonnet XVII:…I’ve been having fun trying to sniff out the light hints of honeyed fruitiness of osmanthus or soft floral spiciness of carnation, but the fragrance never becomes obviously floral. Earthy and leathery notes are always there, a daring attempt to imagine certain solid fragrance, risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body from the poem. It is a lovely blend of what the green and wood can be – smooth, not sweet but touched by sweetness, an opaque pure substance of highest quality indeed.”

Olympic Rainforest: “… intoxicating and appropriate to the mood. There is greenery, mulch, mist, and earth, all combined into a wearable, exhilarating fragrance.”

Siam Proun: “a delightful, translucent Oriental scent that blooms into warmth on skin. Perched on a base of soft amber, the fragrance is at once floral, spicy, and a bit herbal. I found it expertly crafted and easy to wear.”

Kingston Ferry: “…it is unique and has a definite personality. I am finding myself wanting to wear it more and more, and the scent haunts me."



Devil Scents:

Red Cattleya and


Australian Perfume Junkies

Kingston Ferry: “An intoxicating, resinous, salty and aqueous (in the sea water sense) fragrance that gives you a real sense of waterview life.”

Café V: “Ellen has hit the nail on the head with her CAFE V, it’s exactly what I hoped it would be but even better. Sexy enough to wake the sleeping in our house certainly ….”

Olympic Amber on Perfume Posse
Olympic Amber: “WOW. Everything that is comforting, sensual, inviting, engaging and delicious about amber fragrances is in Olympic Amber.”