African Orchid


Pristine white orchids bloom in the forests of East Africa, filling the night with a mysterious current of primeval attraction that promises moist white flowers, a hidden cache of luscious nectar, and an experience of pure enjoyment for all of the senses. African Orchid is based on the scent of Angraecum and Aerangis orchids that only release their fragrance after dark, and are pollinated by sphinx moths whose tongue has evolved to reach to the depths of the flower’s extraordinarily long nectar spur. Not your usual white flower scent, African Orchid will evolve as you wear it, revealing new facets over the course of its drydown, but always staying true to the fragrance of the flower that inspired it.

Notes: Orchid, jasmine grandiflorum, ylang-ylang, nectar, birch, clove, passionfruit, light woody musks, New Caledonian sandalwood, Madagascar vanilla.