Church is a place where you go to worship God. So it is a public place for everyone. Anyone can go to church to pray. But just because it is a public place does not mean that you have to dress extravagantly to go there. So, how should you dress to go to church?

Dress very simply

First of all, know that you are not the only one going to church. In other words, you should dress in a way that does not distract other people who have also come to pray. It is true that the church does not impose any mode of dress. But, as a conscious man and out of respect for your God, wear very modest clothes. Dress as you do in your daily life. Trousers, shirt, simple shoes, traditional dress, well-sewn modern dress,...all are welcome in the house of the Lord. Do not dress to show that you are rich, but rather cultivate the spirit of humility. This is also not a reason to dress to expose your poverty. If your church has a dress code, you can conform to it.

Avoid being austere

Perhaps this surprises you! No, don't be surprised. It doesn't know anything about being hypocritical. Be clear about who you are. If you fix the outside, don't forget to expose the inside as well.Your clothes should reflect your faith and dedication to God, but in a contemporary context. The old days are gone and everything has become new. Dare to wear what you want; the colour you want, whatever you want. The main thing is not to expose yourself. Just avoid clothes that show your body. Even if you don't have much clothing, you can still come to church. What is important is your relationship with God.